Growth-minded insurance agencies grow faster with ACCEL

ACCEL handles your complianceproducer licensingagent onboardingsurplus linessecretary of state

obligations so you can focus on growth

Growth-minded insurance agencies grow faster with ACCEL

ACCEL handles your

complianceproducer licensingagent onboardingsurplus linessecretary of state

obligations so you can focus on growth

Introducing the GreenLight™ Producer Onboarding & Management Platform

ACCEL’s GreenLight™ Producer Onboarding & Management platform provides an easy, streamlined process for onboarding new producers to your organization.

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Discover how we manage regulatory requirements to make your life easier.

Why ACCEL Compliance?

Meet the specialists who think about nothing but your compliance obligations.

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Compliance software tools built by and for compliance experts.

Turnkey License Management

For most insurance agents and brokers, license management is an afterthought. At ACCEL, it is our every thought!

With proven protocols and systems for handling individual and entity licensing for all kinds of insurance businesses across all jurisdictions, ACCEL will ensure you stay compliant so you can keep your eye on growth.

ACCEL Compliance is a NIPR Reseller

Surplus lines tax filing services

With 53 jurisdictions, each with different and ever-changing requirements, placing a surplus lines policy is a common source of headaches for surplus lines brokers.

We invite you to learn how ACCEL Compliance’s expert team and software can take the headache out of surplus lines tax filings.

Who we serve

ACCEL Compliance clients range from small agencies licensed in a handful of jurisdictions to large, multi-branch entities with hundreds of producers doing business across the country.

Our clients share this common belief: by entrusting their essential compliance obligations to a specialized partner like ACCEL, they are better able to focus on profitably growing their business.

Client Testimonials

Not being compliant creates costs for us and it’s also important because it allows us to avoid negative press. Negative press can impact customer confidence and our brand.
I could not recommend ACCEL more highly. They really know the insurance business and you get great attention.
The real value of ACCEL and its online system is the expertise behind it. The real attraction for us is having this service integrated with an expert compliance team, plus the ability to access a knowledgeable legal team to advise on problems that arise.
A few years later we got ourselves into a little bit of hot water in a couple jurisdictions, with record-keeping and some other things. I learned to appreciate that compliance was more than just making sure licenses renew on time. I was able to engage with one of the lawyers at the ACCEL law firm and they helped me through a few tough issues.
I certainly don’t want to be on the insurance department’s watchlist. I’d rather stay under the radar. I don’t want any undue attention. ACCEL allows me to focus on running my business without these concerns.
For a firm our size or smaller, license management would not require 100% of a person’s time. However there would be stretches where 100% of their attention would be taken up by licensing issues that arise. This is where it makes sense for a firm like ours to have someone like ACCEL take care of this for us.
I just don’t have time to keep on top of licensing. I find ACCEL to be more consultative and knowledgeable than our prior service firm. ACCEL is much more proactive.
ACCEL gives us comfort that we are staying compliant.
The benefit of the ACCEL online system is that it provides centralized information for the people here who need access to our data. For a business like ours that is multistate, multiple lines of business, the system is a great resource.
We also considered doing it in-house. That can get a complex and we didn’t have the expertise in-house to really take it on. ACCEL is diligent, responsive, and knowledgeable when issues come up. I recommend them without hesitation!
If we did not have ACCEL, I would need to hire a part-time person to keep track and make sure we are compliant with everything. Hiring in general these days is a nightmare. Forget about trying to find someone with licensing knowledge!
At first, we were a bit naïve about compliance, as many agencies are. We had outgrown our ability to handle compliance ourselves. Today with ACCEL, everything is good. Even if we are to grow further, ACCEL could handle our growth.
We had another company handling our licenses who just wasn’t keeping tabs on what was needed. Licenses were lapsing even though we were paying for them to handle renewals. That’s why I decided to switch to ACCEL.
When you connect ACCEL Compliance with their affiliated law firm, we can get a complete range of support. For example, if I am working with the Compliance team on new licenses, if a tricky question arises, I can engage someone in the law firm to help sort it out. This really makes them a strategic partner.

Outsourced, but never out of sight

ACCEL is committed to leveraging technology to provide you the best compliance experience. Our Compliance Control Suite was designed from the ground up to efficiently manage your licenses and compliance obligations.

All of your compliance data (applications, licenses, renewal status, and more) is always just a keystroke away. Your documents are securely loaded and stored so you can access them any time, anywhere.

Managed annual reports

Insurance producer and TPA business entities must comply with Secretary of State filing obligations in the states where they are transacting business.

With requirements varying across state and county lines, this can get confusing quickly. ACCEL Compliance offers clients a full suite of Secretary of State and Managed Annual Report services…