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We help insurance agents, brokers and TPAs focus on profitable growth by taking regulatory obligations off their plate.

If you manage an insurance agency, brokerage or TPA, you know that manpower and money spent dealing with regulatory obligations is a drag on your business growth. ACCEL Compliance was built to efficiently handle these obligations so you can focus on building your business.

ACCEL Compliance offers a broad range of insurance regulatory and compliance services. Our expert team spends every day working with regulators and the ever-changing complexities of insurance requirements. By partnering with ACCEL Compliance, you gain access to full-time insurance compliance specialists yet only pay for what you need.

Our suite of compliance services is built around a technology platform built specifically for insurance compliance management. You benefit from the resulting workflow efficiencies while also gaining 24/7 access to all of your critical compliance documents and details.

From efficient outsourced license management to managed annual reports to surplus lines compliance, ACCEL is a new kind of insurance compliance partner that provides compliance certainty while you focus on growing your business.

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Smart agencies don’t let compliance obligations slow them down.

Staying compliant with state insurance requirements is a time-consuming distraction for your sales team and support staff. Keeping current with complicated requirements across different jurisdictions requires constant attention and vigilance from your team.

ACCEL Compliance is built to take those distractions off your plate. While your team stays focused on winning new business, we’ll be making sure you stay ahead of the nuanced and ever-changing rules impacting your operation. And while your team is adding new top-line revenue, ACCEL will be reducing your cost of doing business and keeping you compliant.

Regulatory Complexity

The U.S. insurance regulatory system is complex. Complying with its requirements doesn’t need to be.

With the proliferation of laws and regulations imposed on the insurance industry, it is no longer practical for regulated entities to manage their licensing and compliance functions using traditional manual processes and systems and part-time resources.

We understand that insurance entities face constant pressure to reduce enterprise risk while dealing with the mounting challenges of compliance, and at the same time controlling expenses and headcount.

ACCEL’S dedicated suite of compliance services offers a streamlined route to satisfying your compliance obligations with efficiency, certainty and convenience.

Be Efficient. Stay Compliant.

For today’s insurance agencies and TPAs, meeting regulatory requirements is not optional; it is an essential business duty. Non-compliance situations create unnecessary churn and distraction, resulting in extra costs and lost business opportunities. If your agency wants to avoid undue attention from state regulators, ACCEL Compliance can help.

24/7/365 Focus on Keeping You Compliant

For many insurance agencies, the compliance and license maintenance functions are seen as a “necessary evil,” performed by a part-timer or an already busy administrator. ACCEL can fill the role with a level of expertise most agencies can’t affordably maintain in-house, and our model is scalable to grow with you. ACCEL also provides continuity and back-up so you don’t feel the pain of staff turnover and other disruptions. Let ACCEL worry about keeping you compliant, so you don’t have to!

Your Critical Licensing and Compliance Data at Your Fingertips

The ACCEL Compliance Control Suite places all of your compliance data (applications, licenses, renewal status, and more) just a keystroke away. Your documents are securely loaded and stored so you can access them any time, anywhere. Standard reports and automated reminders allow you to focus on running your business, while the ACCEL Compliance Control Suite keeps you informed of compliance-related actions and exceptions. You can even build custom report views to satisfy unique information needs.

Unmatched Compliance Expertise

ACCEL’s compliance consultants are expert in day-to-day insurance compliance and stay current on new developments so you don’t have to. We also offer the skills, experience and contacts needed to assist clients in responding to regulatory inquiries and investigations.

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