Changing the Insurance Compliance Game

ACCEL Compliance® was founded on the belief that traditional methods are ineffective when it comes to insurance compliance.

Many insurance organizations either spend too much time and money, internally and externally on compliance, or place too little emphasis on compliance and consequently run the risk of expensive fines, license suspensions and revocations. The resulting damage to reputation can be even more costly and long-lasting. At ACCEL we provide real-time answers and real-time access to your compliance information.

ACCEL designed a full suite of professional services augmented by the ACCEL Compliance Control Suite to provide turnkey, worry-free management of all of your compliance data. Details on applications, licenses, renewal status, and more are just a keystroke away.

The ACCEL model was designed to eliminate the redundancies that frustrate many compliance professionals. With ACCEL, you will never be asked to provide the same information more than once. You will be prompted for updates and notified when you need to advise ACCEL of changed circumstances. The ACCEL team will handle everything else needed to satisfy your compliance responsibilities. The ACCEL Compliance Control Suite provides access to your complete compliance library wherever you may be, and in the process saves your company time, money and resources.