Compliance Services

ACCEL Compliance® is a team of compliance professionals who understand the insurance industry and work every day with regulators in all US jurisdictions.  We make compliance easy for our clients so they can focus on their business.  ACCEL provides a full suite of regulatory services ranging from licensing and renewals to conducting comprehensive compliance audits and establishing compliance programs.  We also have the skills, experience and contacts to assist our clients in responding to regulatory inquiries and investigations.

The lists below provide a sampling of our service offering. We are always pleased to discuss how we might address your specific needs, so never hesitate to ask how ACCEL can help!

• Compliance insourcing and outsourcing
• Compliance department structuring and audits
• Market conduct examinations
• Company formation and licensing
• License renewals and annual reports
• Holding company act compliance, including Forms A
• Affinity, association and point of sale program compliance
• Agent appointment requirements
• Name change and redomestication
• Anti-fraud compliance
• Advertising compliance
• Cancellation and Non-renewal
• Reinsurance arrangements, including credit for reinsurance, assumption reinsurance, fronting transactions and commutations

• Surplus lines eligibility applications and maintenance
• Surplus lines sales requirements and restrictions
• Surplus lines broker licensing and sales practices
• Surplus lines tax requirements

• Licensing and renewals
• Appointment requirements
• Affinity, association and point of sale programs
• Solicitation and advertising restrictions
• Internet sales
• Compensation restrictions, including limitations on referral fees and service fees
• Change of name

• Licensing and renewals
• Annual reports
• Contractual requirements
• Disclosure requirements
• Self-insured plan regulation
• Bond and financial responsibility requirements

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