Helping insurtech innovators navigate regulatory & transactional issues

As your insurtech business grows, we can help you understand and comply with complex, ever-changing regulatory requirements… saving you the hassle and expense of adding dedicated compliance headcount.

The insurance industry is rapidly being transformed by insurtech innovators. However, as new disruptive products and services reach the market, they often collide with a system of state-based regulations and laws that do not contemplate much of the innovation currently at play.

As your insurtech business breaks new ground, it is critical that you remain in the good graces of the regulatory community. ACCEL Compliance and ACCEL Law Group are uniquely positioned to help you succeed because we’ve recently traveled the startup road ourselves. We took our years of big law firm insurance experience and created an agile technology-based company designed to serve the needs of startups and growth-stage companies.

ACCEL offers transactional, regulatory and compliance services designed to help insurtechs, startups and investors execute their business plans with confidence.

From efficient outsourced license management to sophisticated legal strategies and comprehensive due diligence, ACCEL is a new kind of insurance compliance partner that removes obstacles on the path to introducing innovative and disruptive technologies, products and services into the insurance marketplace.

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