Surplus Lines Tax Filings & Reporting Services

Placing a surplus lines policy comes with the added administrative burden of surplus lines tax filing. With 53 jurisdictions, each with different, often complex and ever-changing requirements, surplus lines tax filing is a common source of headaches for surplus lines brokers. As part of its suite of compliance services and tools, ACCEL Compliance has developed purpose-built processes and software to take that headache off your plate.

And with a team of insurance regulatory specialists unmatched in the industry, ACCEL offers worry-free surplus lines tax filings and keeps current on changing state requirements so you never have to.

Two Options:

You Decide What Fits Your Organization

ACCEL offers two distinct approaches for handling your surplus lines tax filings. With our full-service option, ACCEL does all the heavy lifting to ensure your tax filings are made on-time and accurately. If you prefer to have your own team handle filings, use ACCEL’s surplus lines tax filing system to power those processes while ensuring regulations, rates and protocols are current and in full compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.

Efficient, Accurate & Timely Tax Filings

Regardless of which approach you choose, you can rest assured that your surplus lines tax filings are being handled correctly. ACCEL’s team and system will identify any errors or gaps and notify you so you can provide supplemental data. After all the data is confirmed, your tax filings are ready to go. Our team works on tax filings every day and keeps current on all requirements so you don’t have to!

We even track jurisdictions that require “zero-filings” and handle them for you too. Once a filing is complete, our easy-to-use reporting tools and online dashboard provide 24/7 visibility to policy and licensing details and filing history.



ACCEL takes filings completely off your plate

With ACCEL Compliance’s Full-Service surplus lines tax filing service, all you need to do is bind a policy and:

  • YOU send policy PDFs and invoices to ACCEL or upload data file to the ACCEL system.
  • ACCEL pulls data from your documents, reviews data for completeness and accuracy and follows-up with you for clarification or to fill gaps
  • ACCEL enters the data into our Surplus Lines system
  • ACCEL make filing(s) with the state(s), including tax payment(s).


Power your team with the GreenLight® Tax Filing Engine

With ACCEL Compliance’s GreenLight surplus lines tax filing system, you bind policies and:

  • Enter or upload policy data into ACCEL’s Surplus Lines system.
  • Review your data for completeness and accuracy.
  • Once complete, you’re ready to make tax filings and payments.

Benefits of Outsourced Tax Filings

  • Eliminate hassle of tax filings and ensure compliance while improving reporting visibility
  • Ensure timely and accurate filings

  • Instant access to a team with 20+ years of surplus lines compliance experience
  • Efficiency and visibility powered by robust, state-of-the-art technology
  • Significantly reduce tax filing manpower
  • Readily respond to regulators with friendly reporting tools
  • Centralized repositories of all filings for audit and review purposes
  • Confidence your regulatory obligations are being satisfied

Built on ACCEL’s GreenLight® Tax Filing & Reporting System

  • Simplified access to your status and history for all tax filings

  • Enables efficient transfer of policy data, minimizing human intervention
  • Jurisdiction-specific requirements and workflows regularly monitored and refreshed
  • Automated notifications and friendly reminders when your input is needed
  • Storehouse of your critical licensing and policy data with powerful reporting tools
  • Powered by the ultra-secure Microsoft Azure Cloud

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