GreenLight® Compliance Management System

Insurance Compliance Tools built by and for Compliance Experts

ACCEL’s GreenLight® Compliance Management System is a suite of compliance tools designed and developed by the team at ACCEL Compliance. Every day, our compliance analysts use these tools to manage the compliance programs of leading insurance agents and brokers.


The GreenLight® Compliance Management System is a suite of software tools built by the ACCEL Compliance team to deliver expert compliance services to our clients.

Each toolset in the system captures our accumulated knowledge, tested processes and efficiency lessons.

Now, we’re making these tools available to agents and brokers who prefer to manage their own compliance activities. Our development team is working on making additional tools available every day.


ACCEL Compliance is committed to keeping you compliant as efficiently as possible. If you are interest in connecting our compliance software tools with your agency management system, CRM, policy admin system or any other business system, please let us know.

We are happy to work with your team to deploy an Application Programming Interface (API) that automates the flow of data between systems, further reducing the work you need to do to stay compliant!

If ACCEL hasn’t already created an API between its system(s) and your commercial software vendors, we will often do so at no cost to you.

  • Built with Deep Agent/Broker Compliance Insight

    With decades of experience providing expert insurance compliance services, we’ve handled compliance issues of every shape and size. The GreenLight® platform was built with this knowledge and track-record as its backbone. The system is also updated regularly as our knowledge and experience expands and as rules change.

  • Workflow-based software keeps you on task

    ACCEL works hand-in-hand with clients across the insurance industry to build and refine software tools that serve your specific compliance needs. Nothing more, nothing less. Our tools streamline critical-path workflows and omit the bloat found so often in Silicon Valley software products. Essential interfaces, such as NIPR and state insurance departments, eliminate errors and keystrokes.

  • Fair-minded pricing, so you pay only for what you need

    With clients ranging from Top 25 agencies to smaller start-ups, ACCEL offers affordable subscription access combined with activity-based fees to reflect how intensively you use the platform. We think it’s the only fair way to price these tools and to deliver positive ROI every time you log in.

  • Efficiency by design, improving daily

    The GreenLight platform automates compliance workflows that are used and refined by our in-house compliance team every day. If there is a way to do something more efficiently, we find it, test it and build it into our processes and software. The entire platform is also cloud-based, meaning little to no technology overhead for you.

  • Listening is our most important skill

    We are proud of our compliance expertise, but we know that you live where the rubber meets the road. When clients recommend improvements or adjustments to our tools, we are all ears. Many current features trace their origins to real-world client feedback.

  • Remember the Golden Rule? We do.

    You won’t find aggressive or deceptive sales tactics at ACCEL. We know your satisfaction before and after the sale will determine our long-term success. We also know that your business may face unexpected changes, so we will be fully transparent and will work with you to find reasonable accommodations when needed. We vow to treat you the way we’d want to be treated!

GreenLight® License Management System

All your individual and entity licensing details and documents in one place. Automated reminders and tools to ensure licensing compliance.

License Management System

Your license portfolio (applications, licenses, renewal status, and more) are just a keystroke away and powerful reporting and reminders allow you to focus on running your business.


GreenLight® Surplus Lines Tax Filing System

Streamline your tax filings, diligent effort reporting and other aspects of your surplus lines compliance program.

Surplus Lines Tax Filing

Power your surplus lines tax filing and diligent effort processes while ensuring regulations, rates and protocols are current and in full compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.


GreenLight® Producer Onboarding System

Easy, streamlined processes for onboarding new producers to your organization.

Producer Onboarding System

Easier onboarding will bring more producers to you and make it easier for them to place new policies. With everything in one view, you can rest assured your producers are in compliance.


BlueBack™ Compliance Library

A comprehensive knowledge center with current state-by-state requirements at your fingertips.

BlueBack™ Compliance Library

BlueBack is a comprehensive regulatory reference center developed and maintained by the insurance compliance team at ACCEL Compliance.