BlueBack™ Compliance Resource Center

A centralized, easy-access library of state regulatory requirements and tools

The BlueBack™ Compliance Library is a comprehensive regulatory reference center developed and maintained by the insurance compliance team at ACCEL Compliance. The Surplus Lines subscription provides a single source for identifying nearly every critical regulatory requirement for placing a surplus lines policy in all 50 states.

No more hunting and searching

As a subscriber, you can log-in and quickly find the answers to compliance questions that would otherwise take hours of hunting, searching and phone calls. With the BlueBack™ library, ACCEL has done that work for you and organized it into an easy-to-use reference tool available to you 24/7.

Why “BlueBack?”

Born less than a mile from ACCEL headquarters, Noah Webster was the creator of the first American dictionary and “Blue-Backed Speller.” These reference books were relied upon by generations of Americans.

ACCEL took our inspiration from Webster in naming our definitive reference tool for insurance agents and brokers.


The BlueBack™ Surplus Lines Regulatory Reference Center organizes critical surplus lines rules and regulations into the following categories and toolboxes:

  • Tax Filings – Find details about taxes and stamping fee percentages, what is included in premium and taxable, payment trigger dates, required filer, prepayment requirements, multi-state guidance and courtesy filing availability.

  • Licensing – Learn conditions under which an individual or entity is required to be licensed. Also provides details if a bond is required and other specifics.

  • Diligent Effort – Provides details if diligent efforts are required and what the requirements are at initial licensing and renewal licensing. Also details if an export list is available for the state.

  • Document Stamping – Find document stamping requirements, including font, size, additional instructions, stamping requirements and stamping language

  • State Documents – Contains the carrier whitelists for most states, state specific tax calculator documentation regarding misc. state fees, blank diligence forms if applicable. ACCEL is in the process of adding sample tax forms.

  • Miscellaneous State Fees/Charges – provides descriptions and amounts/rates of state specific fees.

  • Surplus Lines Tax Calculator – This powerful and comprehensive calculator helps you accurately calculate taxes and stamping fees due for any policy in any state. The tool even calculates miscellaneous fees (e.g., fire tax, local government tax) charged by some jurisdictions.

    You simply select your jurisdiction and enter the policy amount, and the calculator does the rest. You can save your calculations in the system for future reference and/or adjustments.


ACCEL is developing a Licensing version of the BlueBack Compliance Library, with comprehensive reference information about licensing requirements across the US.

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