GreenLight™ Producer Onboarding & Management Platform

Faster Onboarding = Faster Revenue

Streamlined, automated onboarding builds your selling platform faster, with fewer headaches.

Real-Time Tracking & Updates

Producer credentials are tracked for freshness, and you are notified when key requirements lapse.

ACCEL’s GreenLight™ Producer Onboarding & Management platform provides an easy, streamlined process for onboarding new producers to your organization.

It also provides a powerful 24/7 cloud-based dashboard so you know the status of your producer roster at all times. Like all ACCEL Compliance offerings, our producer onboarding & management tools are backed by a team of insurance compliance experts with decades of experience with the insurance regulatory framework and commercial software development.

You simply specify the requirements that producers must meet, and ACCEL takes care of the rest.


  • Streamline and automate onboarding of retail agents
  • Retail agent credentials are monitored and kept fresh with live-feed from NIPR and other sources

  • Agency agreements are auto-populated to save time and labor

  • Instant visibility to agents who are credentialed to sell

  • Get automatic alerts when an agent loses credentials, such as E&O expirations

  • Real-time status updates throughout the onboarding process
  • Easy management of individual agents and their licensing information
  • Simplification of steps for retail agents makes your organization an appealing business partner
  • Backed by the expert insurance compliance team at ACCEL Compliance

Simplify your Producer Onboarding!

Easier onboarding will bring more producers to you and make it easier for them to place new policies. With everything in one view, you can rest assured your producers are in compliance. No more tracking producer status via email history and phone calls!

How it Works

  • You specify the producer requirements (E&O coverage, agency agreement, W9, license status, etc.), and ACCEL builds those rules into the GreenLight Onboarding system.

  • New producers get an email with your branding and a link to the GreenLight Onboarding system.

  • The producer submits the information required by the system. Your compliance manager is notified whenever the producer completes a form.

  • If a producer entry is inadequate (e.g., E&O coverage is too low), an error is triggered alerting them to make a correction.

  • The GreenLight System sends automatic reminders to producers to complete the process and/or update information. You set the cadence for reminders.

  • You can view the Onboarding dashboard 24/7 to check the status of producers.

The GreenLight Producer Onboarding Toolkit is optimized for:

  • MGA/MGU’s

  • Wholesale Platforms

  • Insurance Carriers

Additional Features

  • Powerful, easy-to-use dashboard featuring your branding enables your retail agencies to:

    • Onboard corporate information: E&O / W9 / Agency Agreements
    • Manage banking/accounting info
    • Register their individual producers and licenses
  • Automated integration with NIPR to verify producers’ data

  • 24/7 visibility to your complete producer roster including all relevant details

  • Automated email creation when producers are out of compliance and need to update their information

  • Access to ACCEL’s team of insurance compliance experts to address questions and ambiguities

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