GreenLight™ Surplus Lines Compliance System

ACCEL’s GreenLight™ Surplus Lines Compliance System automates critical tax filing and diligent effort processes to streamline your placement of surplus lines policies. With built-in processes and requirements for 53 jurisdictions, the GreenLight™ Surplus Lines Compliance System eliminates many of the headaches that arise.

Built for ACCEL’s expert team of Surplus Lines analysts, the system is used and refined every day as requirements change. Because we’ve built the system to optimize our in-house efficiency, you can gain the same advantages when managing your own surplus lines compliance program.

  • Efficient, Accurate & Timely Tax Filings

With the GreenLight Surplus Lines Compliance System at your disposal, you can rest assured that your surplus lines tax filings are being handled correctly. Your team enters data manually or via an automated upload, and the GreenLight system will identify any errors or gaps and notify you so you can provide supplemental data. After all the data is confirmed, your tax filings are ready to go.

  • Get the Tools Used by the Experts at ACCEL

Our Surplus Lines Compliance Services team works on tax filings every day for some of the top agent/broker organizations in the country. We build-in efficiency and failsafes for our own work keep the system current on all requirements so you don’t have to!

  • Zero-Filings, Diligent Effort and More

The system even tracks jurisdictions that require “zero-filings” and handles them for you too. Once a filing is complete, our easy-to-use reporting tools and online dashboard provide 24/7 visibility to policy and licensing details and filing history. Our Diligent Effort module simplifies the onerous process of authenticating coverage declinations.

  • A Proven Toolkit to Power Surplus Lines Tax Filings

Leverage ACCEL’s surplus lines tax filing system to power your internal processes while ensuring regulations, rates and protocols are current and in full compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.

ACCEL’s Proprietary GreenLight Tax Filing & Reporting System

  • Simplified access to your tax filings actions and history
  • Enables efficient transfer of policy data, minimizing human intervention
  • Jurisdiction-specific requirements and workflows regularly monitored and refreshed
  • Automated notifications and friendly reminders when your input is needed
  • Storehouse of your critical licensing and policy data with powerful reporting tools
  • Powered by the ultra-secure Microsoft Azure Cloud

Power your team with the GreenLight Tax Filing Engine

With ACCEL Compliance’s software-only surplus lines tax filing system, you bind policies and:

  • Enter or upload policy data into ACCEL’s Surplus Lines system.
  • Review your data for completeness and accuracy.
  • Once complete, you’re ready to make tax filings and payments.

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