Regulatory Update: New California Law Regarding Disclosure of Insurance License Numbers on Emails


Beginning January 1, 2023, California will require certain licensed agents and agencies to provide their insurance license numbers on all e-mails that involve any activity for which a California license is required (regardless of where the email is sent from or to). California already requires certain documents, including business cards, price quotes and printed advertisements, to contain an agent’s license number (or just the license number of the agent’s agency so long as the agency name is also listed on these documents). This new requirement applies specifically to emails, and as discussed below, requires both agent and agency license number disclosures.

California’s new law applies to agents and agencies that are licensed as:

  • Property Broker-Agents
  • Casualty Broker-Agents
  • Life Agents
  • Accident and Health or Sickness Agents
  • Personal Lines Agents
  • Limited Lines Automobile Insurance Agents
  • Surplus Lines Brokers
  • Independent Insurance Adjusters
  • Public Insurance Adjusters
  • Life and Disability Insurance Analysts

Multiple License Number Disclosures
If both the name of an agent and his/her agency appear in an email, then both the agent and the agency’s license number must be listed. Also, if an agent works for two or more agencies, and the agency names are each listed in the email, then all agency numbers for all of the listed agencies must be provided, even if only one of the agencies is involved in the transaction to which the email relates.

Location; Size
The license number must be in a font size that is no smaller than the largest font size of any email address, street address, or telephone number. For example, if the largest font size is 12-point, then the license number must be 12-point.

For an individual agent, the license number must be adjacent to or on the line under the individual’s name or title. For an agency, the license number must be adjacent to or on the line under the name of the organization.

Next Steps
You will not need to change your existing business cards, letterhead, etc. so long as your agency’s license number is listed on those documents as required under current California law. The new requirement only applies to emails, which can be updated quickly and without cost. Please ensure the appropriate agent and agency(ies) license numbers are included in your emails starting on January 1, 2023.